Pre-School Child

Parents: Feel free to read this letter to your child if you feel it would help prepare them for their visit.

Dear Friend

My name is Eric and I help children, and their families who have problems, learn how to get back the fun in their life.  I wrote this letter to help you know me better and feel good about coming to see me.  In my office, there are markers and paper, Legos, puppets and games that we can play.  We can have lots of fun together.

The first time you come to visit we will talk about how wonderful you and your family are.  I am sure there are a lot of parts of life that are going really well.  I love talking about the parts of life that are fun and wonderful.

My job is to help people with their problems. What sort of problems bother you?  I can help you make the problem feel small and you feel big.

Many of the children I know love to play with puppets. Mr. Alligator puppet is very friendly and the purple monster puppet loves to talk to children. The rabbit puppet wants to play racing games and always gives the best advice.

Sometimes the children who come to see me let me be their secret keeper. I am allowed to keep secrets for children if no one is getting hurt or bullied. Maybe you know a secret joke? I love jokes that make people laugh.  My favorite silly jokes are knock-knock jokes. I am pretty sure that you would love to hear my favorite joke. Do you have a favorite joke?

Sometimes I think adults have a way of not noticing the best parts of a child’s life.  Do you have anything that’s amazing or magical about your day that you want to tell the adult that is reading this letter to you? I look forward to playing some games with you.

All the Best – See you soon,

Eric Wolf, LCSW