Eric Wolf, LCSW

I am Eric Wolf; a licensed, clinical, social worker. I enjoy conversations with people about their lived, storied experience. I use a form of therapy called Narrative Therapy.  These conversations help folks examine their lives, make new discoveries, and remember their ethical guideposts.  I am enthusiastic about hearing people remember truths about themselves, the world, and their discoveries.

I have been working with children since the age of sixteen, I have over three decades’ experience working with young people. I bring a unique view of their experience to my therapy consultations.  In addition, I know how to connect with children, enabling them to hear what I have to offer them.

I love that children let me into their inner world. At my old job, at the Artemis Center in Dayton, Ohio, I worked with the survivors of domestic violence (both children and adults). I realized very quickly that most children have a world that they keep hidden from their parents because they are afraid of being judged. Adults have different standards of behavior than children. This difference is what creates the inner world of the child.
Eric Wolf with his family in 2003.

I remember when I was a child, living a rich life involving my traveling box of action figures. They each had a complex relationship with each other and I never explained that to any adult. My secret box helped me to feel a sense of control over my world that I didn’t have at the age of 7. I also had secret hiding spaces in the various landscapes we would visit.  This gave me a sense of being able to do something the adults could not do. I could climb a tree that was too light for an adult or disappear beneath a bush that an adult would not be able to fit under.

Our lives are rich in experiences and much of the time, when individuals are suffering from serious mental illness or, even just problems that appear unmovable, this is reflected in the lack of a secret life. The secret life is still there, it is just covered up by the problems. I love to help children (and adults) find their way back to the defining, gentle moments of their daily life. I love to help them uncover the wonderful secret life they have forgotten they are living.

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