Here is a list of frequently asked questions about my private practice and Narrative Therapy in general. If I have not answered your questions below, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I currently accept cash, checks or PayPal. Checks can be made out to Eric Wolf.

What can I expect from therapy?

I think therapy is a combination of curiosity and willingness to be open to exploration. Narrative Therapy can be easy and is far from what is characterized in the media (cue: Freud & lounge chair). Rather, Narrative Therapy should be an engaging and dynamic process. What can be gained from Narrative Therapy is a new sense of life and a renewed hope for the future. My goal is to work together to examine your past, your needs, and how to help you get to where you want to be in your life.

And remember, that for the effects of Narrative Therapy to really last, expect to be an active participant in the process. You are the only expert on yourself, your life, and your children. Together, we can work towards getting your lives to the place you want them to be.

Are my sessions confidential?

What you share with me in the room is confidential. This means that I will not discuss our sessions with anyone else, except in specific circumstances as required by law. These circumstances include:

1) If I believe you are at serious risk of harming yourself or someone else.

2) If I have reasonable suspicion that child abuse or elder abuse is occurring.

At your request, I am able to share information with someone in your life following your written release.

When I work with a minor, I work with the child and family to explain what I will and will not share. I strive for a balance between maintaining a minor’s confidentiality and including parents in treatment for the overall benefit of the family and child. Upon initiating therapy, we will explore this issue further.

How quickly can I be seen once I call you?

I make every effort to return phone calls within 48 hours, if not before (unless it is a holiday).

I am usually able to see clients within the week or the week after your first call to set up an appointment.  There is a waiting list for lower payment sessions.

How long is a counseling session?

Most sessions are an hour long.

You suggested a book that I should read to my child. Can you tell me again what it was?

Funny you should ask here is a picture of my bookshelf.

How often do we need to meet and how many sessions do I need?

Generally, we will have one, hour long session per week. During intake, we will discuss your therapeutic goals to see if this is appropriate. I am able to offer longer sessions or more frequent sessions on an individual basis. Conversely, we may reach a place where sessions occur every other week or monthly.

The number of sessions needed depends greatly on what you want out of therapy. Generally, 3-10 sessions are the average length for short-term work. For people seeking long-term work, we can assess what your desire is and create a treatment plan to fit these goals.

What if I need medication?

Being a licensed therapist has taught me many skills, but providing medication is beyond my scope of practice. I am happy to refer you to psychiatrists to explore your options further.

Medication is one tool people can utilize during treatment. We can explore if this may be a fit for you. I am happy to communicate and work with your psychiatrist to make sure you are taken care of (but only after discussion with you and obtaining signed permission first!).

How do I know if I am making progress?

Progress in Narrative Therapy may not always feel how you imagine progress should feel. Often, Narrative Therapy brings up new ways to look at topics that can be hard to talk or think about. Progress is gained when you feel that you are making a genuine effort to be present in sessions and engage in exploration. Your dreams and plans can be very personal and are topics that come up quite often in Narrative Therapy.

Do you take insurance?

Not at this time – though I hope to be able to take HMSA in the near future.

For more about cost please see my conversation about money.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Cancellation must be done at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment. 100% of payment is expected for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice or missed appointments. If you are ill or there is a crisis, contact me as soon as you are aware that you cannot make our scheduled session.

You are not alone in your problems in Narrative Therapy
Where do you go from here?

Email Eric Wolf LCSW with more concerns or questions regarding therapy.

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Worried about the cost?
Try my Conversation About Money.