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Narrative therapy requires a cultural shift.

I believe that Narrative Therapy practices can help many mental health professionals have longer, more interesting careers. The number one reason people leave the field of helping others is vicarious trauma. Narrative Therapists don’t get vicarious trauma. In narrative therapy, we don’t meet many people who are living out horror stories – only courageous people who have lived their past under terrible circumstances.

Post-structuralists speak of a suspicion of concise definitions. As a narrative therapist, I have a playful suspicion of any concise definitions or totalizing discourses that wander into my sessions. I believe that this suspicion of concise definitions protects both the therapists and the people we see in our sessions. We live in a world that is filled with assumptions, discourses, and stories that do not serve the people who carry them. I invite you to embark on this journey with me into a creative questioning of the stories of our lives by signing up for this email list.

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