Social Workers are not allowed to use reviews or endorsements by their clients. These endorsements are by my co-workers.

Monika Harasim-Pieper LISW (Supervisor at Artemis)
Eric works really well with all different types of people. He helps those that have gone through really difficult experiences not only to tell their stories, but also to reexamine them in a different light. This makes them much more manageable and helps people to feel better. The Narrative Therapy that he uses is a non-judgmental approach. Eric is very skilled at it.

Jane Keiffer LISW-S (Supervisor at Artemis)
Eric has the ability to help individuals move forward in their healing while addressing the concern and not the person as the problem. He provides concrete tools that allow individuals to be an active part of their healing process. He is a skilled therapist who is compassionate, insightful, and real.

Sarah (Client Advocate at Artemis)
Eric is a therapist that is genuine, compassionate, creative, and who is a healing blessing to many. So many of my clients that I have referred to Eric have grown in wonderful, positive ways. Thank you, Eric.

Kayla Gayle LSW (Supervised at Artemis as an intern)
Eric Wolf is an excellent teacher, who provides a tough, yet understanding knowledge of Narrative Therapy and children and family therapy. While at Artemis, he was an asset and provided excellent insights to the people who came to see him. He provides a unique service to the people who come to see him for therapy.

Mary Kay Rehard, LCSW-C
Eric is a creative, committed and thoughtful practitioner who will find innovative ways to assist people with mental health needs. He accomplishes by having a special interest in Narrative Therapy, and many years of experience in communication and education.”