A Weekend of Story Skill Development

Two Days of Storytelling near Hilo, Hawaii.

Day 1 – 9 AM to Noon – $30

Finding Your Voice as a Storyteller.
Build confidence in your ability to tell stories. We will be focusing on building a positive feedback loop for the performing artist. Through one-on-one and group work we will build confidence in your ability to perform. We do this through gentle and relaxing exercises that will help you to see your natural storytelling gift.


1:30 PM to 4:30 PM – $30

Making a Thousand-Year-Old Story from Scratch.
Haven’t you always wanted an amazing story to pass down to your grandchildren that feels like it is hundreds of years old? This three-hour workshop will open a doorway into the creative side of your storytelling. It doesn’t matter what level of creative ability you think you have. What matters is your willingness to turn the key. The focus of this workshop is on story development.

Both workshops are open to any level of storyteller. Register online or by phone at  (808) 207-7294

Day 2 –

9 AM to 5 PM – $75 to $150 Sliding Scale.

Master Class in Storytelling
7 hours of Storytelling Development. Using the Artists centered process that we have used during Saturday with the larger group, we will develop the performance storied material you bring. This process places you, the content creator, at its center. Each participant will get one hour of the day where their content is the focus of our time and energy.

Limited to 6 people

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Eric Wolf telling stories in 1995. You can see more pictures of his performances here.